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Make the Shift to Natural Skincare

natural skincare regime

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Don’t become yet another victim of the multi-billion-dollar beauty industry for whom profit takes precedence over purity of its products. 

If a skincare product advertised boldly that it contained chemicals that were harmful for your skin and for the environment, that they tested its efficacy on helpless animals before selling it to you, that it would do more damage than good to your skin in the long term, would you still buy it? 

Natural Skincare

The fact is that most skincare products out there do some or all of the above and shroud their processes and ingredients in a veil of lies. So it’s time to relook at your skincare routine and make the switch to products that are natural, organic and cruelty-free. And in case you’re wondering if natural ingredients can give you the same results, the answer is a definite YES.


Let’s compare the advantages of natural skincare versus harmful synthetic ones:

Natural Skincare                                         Harmful Synthetics

Gentle on skin                                                 Harsh on skin
Allergy-free                                                     Causes allergic reactions
Rich in anti-oxidants                                    Creates long-term damage
Environmentally friendly                            Contains toxic chemicals
Not tested on animals                                  May be tested on animals


natural skincare routine

Now before you rush to fill your shopping cart with natural skincare products, make sure that the product isn’t just claiming to be natural. Look out for sulphates, parabens, silicons, artificial colours and fragrances as well as synthetic chemicals in the ingredient list. When you’re sure it really is natural, organic and free of harmful chemicals, go ahead and click ‘Buy Now’ to your heart’s content.

Natural Skincare Tip: A healthy diet, exercise, water and sleep are as important for your skin as your natural skincare products. 

At Earth Essence, we’re committed to cleaning up the act of the beauty industry by offering you a range of hair and skincare products that are 100% natural, vegan and organic. And we even have the certifications to prove it. Check out our entire range here.

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